Some points that may be considered while planning your apartment are

  • How you are going to utilise the apartment.
  • The number of people using the apartment.
  • Furniture layout that you are planning to do.
  • Electrical equipment you presently use.
  • Electrical equipment that you may use in the future.
  • Sanitary installations required.
  • Colour schemes of your choice.





Extra Works


An evaluation of the convenience and feasibility of providing the amenities in your apartment is carried out by architects, engineers and electrical, civil and sanitary contractors. They are designed for maximum utility and convenience. You may still wish to modify designs or to install additional equipment and fittings. The following information may be useful when you are planning your apartment.

It is our objective to deliver the project on schedule. This objective can be met only if we plan all items of work well in advance. We request your co-operation in finalising the requirements for your flat early to enable us to proceed speedily with the work. Subject to feasibility, the following is a summary of the jobs, which can normally be accepted.

Keeping in mind the strength and aesthetic appearance of the building on a whole, the general framed structure cannot be altered. The elevation and common area of the building is also not to be disturbed in any way.

Given below is a list of alterations/ additions that may be done in the apartment



Electrical Works

  • Extra electrical points as per your requirement.
  • Ceiling light points.
  • Providing electrical points at different levels and positions.
  • Shifting electrical points.
  • Shifting position of television point.
  • Extra electrical points as per your requirement.
  • Extra telephone points.
  • Extra television point.
  • Provision for Air Conditioners.
  • Provision for water heaters.
  • Provision for inverters.
  • Provision for 2 nd telephone connection.
  • Provision for solar water heaters.
  • 2 way controls.
  • Master switches.
  • Concealed conduits for speaker wire.
  • Change in switches and fittings.





Plumbing Works

  • Providing additional inlet and outlet for washing machine.
  • Providing inlet for aqua guard.
  • Providing inlet and outlet for dishwasher.
  • Providing inlet for health faucets.
  • Providing wash basins in all toilets.
  • Providing Mixer taps in all bathrooms.
  • Providing Shower tray. (Subject to feasibility).
  • Providing bathtubs, (as per feasibility and item supplied by client).
  • Providing hand/telephonic showers in toilets.
  • Providing hot and cold-water connections to wash basins.
  • Providing Foaming Taps.
  • Sharing water heater in two adjacent toilets.
  • Change of sanitary wares, like wash basins and EWC.
  • Change of CP fittings like taps, mixers, etc.
  • Providing kitchen sinks of any size in the kitchen (subject to feasibility).
  • Providing swivel type taps for kitchen sink.
  • Providing full pedestals or half pedestals for wash basins.
  • Providing shower curtain rods in toilets.
  • Providing overhead storage tank above lintel level in bathrooms as back up water storage facility.
  • Providing paper holders in toilet.
  • Providing Indian closets.





Civil Works

  • Demolishing walls to combine rooms.
  • Combining two adjacent toilets into master toilets.
  • Providing extra kitchen counters.
  • Providing extra lofts.
  • Providing loft above toilets.
  • Extending kitchen by avoiding the utility room.
  • Providing cornices.
  • Providing raised ridges in shower areas.
  • Providing a gap for a cooking range in kitchen counter.
  • Providing a gap for a fridge in kitchen counter.
  • Providing false ceilings.
  • Changing positions of inside doors.
  • Laying extra hooks on ceiling.







Joinery Works



  • Providing aluminum French windows.
  • Providing wooden windows.
  • Providing wood / glass paneled doors for inside as per design and specifications.
  • Providing sliding doors for toilets.
  • Providing concrete door frames for toilets.
  • Providing Sintex Door frames and shutters for toilets.
  • Changing joinery fitting like locks, hinges, etc.
  • Providing wardrobes & shutters in inside rooms as per design and specifications.
  • Providing Kitchen cabinets as per design and specifications
  • Providing shutters for lofts as per design and specifications.
  • Providing mirrors above wash basins.
  • Providing showcases in living/dining.
  • Fixing toilet cabinets.






Flooring Works



  • Change of wall tiles in toilets.
  • Change of flooring in rooms.
  • Providing borders on floor.
  • Changing top of kitchen slabs.
  • Providing marble/granite sinks in work area.
  • Providing border tiles on walls in toilets.
  • Extra height of tiles on the walls in toilets.
  • Providing ceramic soap dish in toilets.






We regret that changes that affect the elevation, structure, or plumbing systems of the building cannot be carried out. Any changes that encroach into common areas or setbacks of the building, or infringe Corporation / government rules and regulations or rules of any other statutory body are also not feasible. All extra work / alterations are subject to feasibility of the work.

Requests for additional ceiling points, fan points, or power points, hooks can be incorporated only if such requests are received before casting the roof of the apartment, since the necessary conduit lines have to be laid in the slab.

Requests for the deletion of walls, lofts and counters, or for the provision of wall outlets for plumbing or electrical lines can be incorporated only if such requests are received before the commencement of brickwork in the apartment.

Changes in plumbing, electrical and civil works cannot be accepted after plastering, since chipping plastering, laying pipes and subsequent refinishing leaves undulations on walls. However, at this stage, if flooring has not been laid, extra T.V and telephone points at the skirting level can be accepted.

For ceramic tile flooring, we normally offer three choices. We can also indicate the required quantities and provide a list of shops, which may offer a rebate for our customers, if the client wishes to supply the tiles or any other flooring material.

We do not undertake marble flooring, since it generates many problems regarding Colour, grains, fissures and staining. This type of work may be undertaken only if the client procures the material required.

We offer three colour choices for the interior walls which are designed to match the colours of doors and windows, grilles and common areas. These paints are mixed as a single batch for a project. Alternate colours, may be done if the request is made well in advance.

We choose reliable makes of sanitary ware and CP fittings for a project. There will be a choice of three colours. If we are intimated of your requirements before the plastering stage, alternate makes types and colours of sanitary wares can be installed. Changes are not accepted subsequently.

The buyer should supply the materials required for additional works. The cost of labour is to be paid as the work proceeds. The cost of any wasted materials / labour, cost for demolishing, etc is to be borne by the buyer.

Instructions for additional works/ alterations in writing only will be done. Regal Realtors and Projects (I) Pvt Ltd is not bound to undertake verbal requests made to any one. Such instructions should reach the office well in advance.

Regal Realtors and Projects (I) Pvt Ltd shall submit an estimate for the labour cost of alterations/ additional work. The buyer shall inform the office of any arguments before the work is done. The buyer is bound to pay the estimated amount once the work is done.